Jack Frost


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Introducing….. Jack Frost,

Jack Frost is a sprite, an elfin creature and the personification of crisp, cold winter weather. It is he who paints leaves, and the frosty fernlike crystal patterns on windows on a crisp frosty morn, and nips at your nose and toes in the cold weather, here he is on bended knee offering you an ice encrusted rose, with his trusty paintbrush in hand.

This unique one-of-a-kind piece would be a real talking point, small enough to sit on any shelf, and strong enough to become your treasured family heirloom, he has such a gentle beguiling face with the softest expression that will melt your heart and make you fall in love with him.

This enchanting fellow comprises an antiqued wooden base, he is completely handmade from solid Prosculpt polymer clay and a strong wire armature, and wears his solid ice white and metallic silver fantasy medieval suit which is intricately hand detailed to show embroidered collar and cuffs, with puffed and slashed sleeves. He has thigh length boots which are made to look like the softest leather, all covered with a fine sprinkling of sparkling frost.

You will have a sense of wonder as you find yourself captivated by this delightful and intriguing scene, which measures 28 cm x 19 cm x 16 cm (11” x 7.5” x 6.25”) and is a rare, one-of-a-kind heirloom piece. He is so handsome and bright, he is a thing of beauty and a joy forever! As a unique one-of-a-kind work of art, there is no other like him in the world!

He has solid sculpted hair with some wayward curls and soft feather eyelashes which frame his hand painted eyes which reflect his mischievous sparkle and bounce light from them.

Jack Frost comes with:

  • Certificate of Authenticity hand painted and embossed in gold
  • All postage, insurance and tracking facilities included in the price

I want every creation to leave my studio looking as close as can be to a real living person.  Each of my models has been made using no moulds whatsoever and meticulously hand painted to bring the most amazing realistic skin tones possible.  I only use the highest quality acrylic artist pigments, Genesis Heat Set paints, that will withstand the test of time.  I use high grade Polymer Clay which is strong and durable, strong enough to last a lifetime!  No detail has been overlooked and no expense spared, my creations are so special to me and I put endless time and love into them.

I spend hour upon hour on every creation until it is perfect and has that “living glow”.  No two models are ever the same, as every one is unique to themselves, and every one-of-a-kind sculpture will be bringing with them their own numbered and signed Gold embossed Certificate of Authenticity.  This is a very rare opportunity to own one of these breathtaking little treasures.  

I always use UPS Worldwide,  postage costs are included in the purchase price and insurance is included to ensure you receive your order as quickly and safely as possible.  You will be provided with a tracking number for you to follow the progress of your new purchase from my door to yours!  I want this to be the most successful transaction ever for you!   I have never had anything arrive damaged, but if something did go wrong in transit and the piece arrived damaged please let me know within 24 hours of arrival so I can arrange to have the piece either mended or refunded, after this time breakages will be the purchasers responsibility.  

Here are some testimonials from previous collectors of my works, all of which can be found on my Etsy and Ebay feedback:

  • This little man is the MOST beautiful thing! I adore him, that face, I can’t stop looking at him! You are by far the best at what you do….such talent and feeling. Thank you for creating such a fabulous little creature!
  •   Words just cannot express my delight in your work, just excellent! 
  •   Fantastic, beautifully, delicately and obviously love crafted! 
  •   This is amazing, beautifully made, WOW, lovely talented seller.
  •   A first class piece of work, I WILL buy again! 
  •   Absolutely wonderful!
  •   It is splendid, I adore him, he is wonderful!
  •   A very rare and special talent.
  •   A wonderful work of art.  An amazing talent.  I couldn’t be happier and I love my Lucky Little Leprechaun.